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Alligator Army Summer Reading Series: What To Expect

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As discussed in our last Friday Forum here at Alligator Army, the so called "dull period" (also known as the time period between spring football and fall practice) is once again upon us. So what are we to do now? Well, after reading through your comments and e-mails, I've discovered the options are plenty. After scouring countless microfilms at my local library, video from YouTube and scrolling through the massive picture library we have here at SB Nation, I've realized a thing or two. This is either going to work out great, or go the way of the SS Sultana.

The fantastic team of authors and editors we have in place here will do a great job this summer keeping you up to date with all the breaking news, recruiting information, previews, and recaps you can handle. They do a much better job at them than I do, so I'll concede that to them and spend my summer focusing on other topics. But don't you worry, before the season starts I'll still post my Florida Gators preview (along with a position by position breakdown with the help of some of the other authors here), so you'll have ample opportunities to call me an idiot.

As for now, the (in)famous 1979 football season in which the Gators went a resounding 010-1, the "Wristband Game" against LSU in 1965, Steve Spurrier winning the Heisman Trophy in 1966, the so-called "Florida Flop" against Miami in 1971 are all just some of topics that we will be focusing on as the summer heats up.

I've also constructed a scientific formula (such a one that is going to make Einstein and Ohm jealous) that that will allow me to find out who the Gators' top five rivals are, the greatest and worst moments in Gators football history and even a section why we hate Kentucky basketball so much.

All in all, it should be a great summer here at Alligator Army. So kick back, relax, light up a cigar, grab your favorite beverage (not really sure of the overall rules SB Nation has in place for promotion of beverages, but Sports Bar Nation has got you covered just in case) and don't forget to read Alligator Army before you head out to the golf course.

I ask you to remember just one thing. It could always be worse. We could all be Georgia Bulldogs fans.