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Chomping At Bits: Will Muschamp at SEC Meetings, Tim Tebow to Appear On The Daily Show

Chomping At Bits likes to move it move it, and is coming to you live from the Tropical Smoothie Cafe on 34th in Gainesville. (It had a coupon.)

Muschamp at SEC meetings: Florida football coach Will Muschamp is just one of many people paid a lot of money to coach athletes at the SEC meetings this week. He talked to reporters about oversigning — Florida won't do it, Muschamp said — his offensive philosophy for the Gators, his place on the Nick Saban coaching tree, and much more.

Donovan floats RPI-based seeding: Florida men's basketball coach is in Destin for those same SEC meetings, and his media interactions were far more revelatory than Muschamp's. Donovan told reporters he would like to see the SEC Tournament seeded by RPI, and referred to an 18-game SEC league schedule, prompting wonders about whether that was all but a done deal. The latter is sort of a creeping inevitability, but the former's really interesting: if the SEC were to reward teams for RPI, that would favor both the much deeper East and the teams in it (Kentucky, Florida, Tennessee, Vanderbilt) that schedule aggressively.

Tebow's TV tour: The big news about where Tim Tebow will be on TV promoting his autobiography, Through My Eyes, is that he will appear on The Daily Show on Thursday, which, given Tebow's philosophical differences from Jon Stewart, might be a very interesting interview. Tebow also appeared on Sean Hannity's FOX News show on Tuesday night, which seems a bit more like not playing on enemy territory.

Brian Johnson recovering: Florida pitcher Brian Johnson, who suffered a concussion on a throw from catcher Mike Zunino in Florida's loss to Georgia at the SEC Tournament last weekend, is still recovering from that concussion, according to the Florida Today. But don't bet on him playing for Florida this weekend, if you listen to his father:

"Brian is fine," Billy Johnson said. "But if he will play (this weekend), you just don't know right now. Florida does a phenomenal job. It's in the hands of the doctors."

As previously mentioned, Johnson's health takes precedence over Florida's postseason hopes. (Side note: the Florida Today is my hometown paper, and Johnson is the only Gator on the baseball team from my home county. So this is, essentially, the big news of the week for my hometown paper.)

Lee Humphrey released: Former Gators sharpshooter Lee Humphrey was released by his German team, Ratiopharm Ulm, on Tuesday. This is such minor news to everyone but us that Humphrey's name hasn't been tweeted in the last few days, but let's hope the newly-married Humphrey, who was making 40.7% of his threes, catches on with another team.

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