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NCAA Outdoor Track Meet Day Three: Gators Are In A Tie For 2nd Place With Seven Events Remaining

Will Claye ended up right where he left off during yesterday's weather delay and finished 3rd in the long jump. He accomplished the distance of 8.20m on his forth jump and it was good enough to pick up 6 points. He fouled on his 6th and final jump which was pushed back to today due to weather.

The 4x400 relay team, finished 3rd in their heat with a time of 3:04.43 and will advance to the final. Good luck to Taylor, Toppin, McQuay, and Obinwa in the final.

Frankie Hammond Jr. finished 14th in the high jump. Terrell Wilks finished 5th in the 100m final with a time of 10.19 and picked up a very crucial 4 points to give the Gators a total of 20 up to that point.

Tony McQuay finished 3rd in the 400m final with a time of 45.14 and picked up 6 points to give the Gators 26 points overall and into a tie for 3rd place.

Gray Horn finished 5th in the decathlon and earned 4 points.

Winning the national championship is going to be really tough at this point. They are going to have to dominate, and I mean dominate the 4th and final day. The 200m final has the potential to ruin whatever hopes the Gators have because the Gators don't have anybody who qualified for the final and FSU has two runners guaranteed to get points. It should be an interesting final day.

The standings currently look like this:

1. Florida State - 29 Points
2. Virginia Tech - 28 Points
2. Florida - 28 Points
4. BYU - 25.50 Points
5. Texas Tech - 24 Points
5. Stanford - 24 Points
7. Texas A&M - 22 Points
8. LSU - 17 Points
9. Oregon - 15 Points
10. Arizona - 14 Points
10. Kansas - 14 Points