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Alligator Army Summer Reading Series: My Five Favorite Football Plays Since 1990

Sorry for the long break between AASRS posts. Even though it doesn't seem like it, I've been busy. I promise. But yes, the AASRS is back to stay at its regularly scheduled time and location. Though it is a hour early today.

When I began thinking about this as a topic a month or so ago, I immediately thought of four. Coming to the conclusion for the fifth one, which is #5, was a lot tougher than I thought it would be. Mostly because there are just so many plays to choose from. 

The plays (and video) are after the jump, but I will say that three come from the Spurrier era, and two come from the Urban Meyer era. As for the Ron Zook era, well, yeah. Who?

#1: Ike Hilliard's "Stop and Pop" against the Florida State Seminoles in the 1997 National Championship Game. In my opinion the "Stop and Pop" is the greatest play I've ever seen by a Florida Gator in probably what was the best game I've ever seen them play. This game had it all. Revenge on FSU not just for the earlier loss in the season, but for the late hits on Danny Wuerffel, the Choke at Doak and the many other bad memories that this team suffered at the hands of Florida State. They seemed to let out all of their frustration simultaneously which in turn led to the most fantastic beat-down Florida State would receive until they lost 30-0 to Wake Forest at home in 2006. 

#2: Jacquez Green's catch against Florida State in 1997. This is a no-brainer as well. A game in which you are trailing late, at home, against your top rival who is ranked #1 (or #2 depending on the poll) and you've been rotating quarterbacks more often than Elizabeth Taylor rotated husbands. Just listen to the call: It is fantastic.

#3: Lawrence Wright absolutely demolishes Joey Kent. On 3rd down and on their own 20, the Tennessee Vols led by Peyton Manning, were looking to finally get something going. Well, Lawrence Wright had something to say about that. I've heard over the years that Joey Kent bit off part of his tongue as a result of the hit, but can't confirm it. 


#4: Major Wright wins the BCS National Championship all by himself. As soon as Wright laid that hit out on Manny Johnson, I knew the Gators would win the National Championship. It was over. Oklahoma, thank you for playing.

#5: Percy Harvin cuts back against Arkansas in the 2006 SEC Championship Game. Throughout the entire first half, I wasn't worried. The third quarter however, when Arkansas seemed to score touchdowns on back to back plays, I became slightly concerned. Being at the game made it worse. Arkansas fans began to run their mouths. Well, Percy Harvin ended that.

Those are my Top 5, what are yours?