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Florida Gators Football Just Got A Little More Expensive

The good news: The Athletic Association is donating (as has become custom) $6 million to the University to help out the budget crunch. That means that since 1990, the Athletic Association has given the University $60 million. Athletic Director Jeremy Foley had this to say:

"It's not our money. It's the university's money," athletic director Jeremy Foley said. "We're part of the university, and we're here to help."

Once again Jeremy, the Athletic Association does a fantastic job in taking care of business on and off the field. Kudos to you and the rest of the board members who vote on what has become an annual gift to the University. Job well done yet again.

The bad news is well, check it out:

The board previously voted to raise regular ticket prices for home football games but Wednesday voted to increase prices also for single-game luxury seats and the Florida-Georgia game in Jacksonville. Increases to the rivalry game, which already have been approved by the University of Georgia, will occur in three of the next five years.

Tickets that now cost $40 for regular seats and $70 for club seats will increase in 2017 to $75 and $120 respectively. Foley said prices have been the same since 2007 and are being increased based on demand and prices for other college football rivalries.

Luxury tickets at home games will increase to $300 per game for the Touchdown Terrace and $325 for the Champions Club.

As Foley points out in the article, the price increase for the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party puts the game on par with the rest of the major rivalry games across the country:

Florida-Georgia tickets rising

Tickets for the Florida-Georgia game currently cost $40 for regular seats and $70 for club seats. They will be increasing to the following prices in the years ahead:
2012: $60, $100
2014: $70, $111
2017: $75, $120
Ticket prices for other rivalry games:
Michigan-Ohio State: $70 regular seating
Auburn-Alabama: $65 regular seating
Notre Dame-Southern California: $70 regular seating
Texas-Oklahoma: $110 regular seating
Army-Navy: $115 club, $65 priority seating
Miami-Florida State: $70 regular seating - $50 regular seating
Oregon State-Oregon: $78 regular seating
Missouri-Illinois: $70 concourse, $35 upper level
Source: UF athletic association