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Danny Wuerffel Speaks About His Condition

Wuerffel, who has been dealing with the effects of Guillain-Barre Syndrome since at least last Friday, finally was able to talk about what he has been going through. It is pointed out in the article that he thinks that it could be at least another month until he is ready to continue on with his duties with Desire Street Ministries.

"It puts life into perspective, doesn’t it?" Wuerffel said. "The last time I was here we thought the shoulder was serious stuff."

Wuerffel was reffering to the last time he was in Birmingham, Alabama at the doctor's office. He was in Birmingham in 2002 having his shoulder looked at after his one and only season (and what would end up being his last NFL season) with the Washington Redskins.

"It’s amazing, but our family had come down to Montgomery to help and serve with our inner-city ministry and I’m the one that ended up getting blessed," Wuerffel said. "The people there were the ones that first took care of me.

"I had some blood work done there and the next morning at 5:10 the doctor is banging on the door. I said, ‘You’re probably not here to tell me the results are fine.’ They really helped me down there."

Wuerffel also said that Steve Spurrier, Urban Meyer and Will Muschamp were among the many well-wishers who have either called, sent e-mails or text messaged him. It sounds like things are improving for him and that he should be up and ready to move on from this in a relatively short period of time.

As always, get better soon Danny, and here is hoping that the rest of your recovery goes even better than it has up to this point.