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Alligator Army Summer Reading Series: My Five Favorite Football Players Since 1990

I'm thinking that the AASRS is going to officially be moved to 8:15am to avoid any confrontation with some of the other daily, semi-daily posts. If there are any complaints, y'all know where to find me. 

Last time we met in this space we talked about what my (and y'alls) favorite plays since 1990 were. So I figured why not just go ahead with my favorite players of the same era even though I wasn't planning on compiling this list for about a week or so. But hey, plans can change. Just ask Janoris Jenkins

The funny thing is, is that when I was making this list, I realized that even though I'm a defensive guy and the defensive back positions particularly, only two of them were going to make the list. The other three are two quarterbacks and a running back/wide-receiver hybrid.

I'm pretty sure that just by reading that, one could assume which quarterbacks are the two. I'll even give admit that that is fairly obvious. But it might shock you to find out that the quarterback who isn't #1, came in at #4. I'll also say right now that Alex Brown just missed making the list.

#1. It is Danny Wuerffel and it really isn't even all that close. He is, in my opinion, the best player to have ever worn a Florida Gators uniform. In any sport. Ever. The great thing about Wuerffel is, is that he is probably even a better person. Which makes this even more brutal to read. Danny Wuerffel is #1 in my book for a variety of reasons, including his ability to take late hit after late hit against FSU, the ability to place the ball exactly where it needed to be nearly every time, the records, the leadership, the list goes on and on. Throw in the fact that nobody, and I mean nobody threw the fade pass like he did, and watching Danny get up time and time again against FSU in 1996 (late hits anyone?) just cemented his legacy and my love for him. I'm pretty sure there wasn't a throw he couldn't make.

#2. Tony George the only person who wore the #1 uniform to me. The safety who played alongside Lawrence Wright and took over the starting role when Wright left to the NFL comes in at #2. In my mind, he'll be forever remembered for two things. The first thing, is that pre-game fight against FSU in 1998 when Tony George (who was a senior) beat the crap out of a couple of FSU scrubs who turned out to be walk-ons. That was the same fight in which Doug Johnson allegedly threw a ball at FSU coach Bobby Bowden. Tony George would be ejected from the game for the fight, the Gators would go on to lose 23-12, but I loved it. The second thing I'll remember forever about Tony George is this:

#3. Is none other than Percy Harvin. In my opinion, the greatest thing about Percy Harvin wasn't the jukes, it wasn't the speed, it wasn't the "I'm better than you" attitude that got him into trouble with Urban Meyer early in his career, it was the EXTREME hatred that Florida State fans had for him. Think about it. They hated him so much, probably more so than any other player, that they actually cheered twice, when he got hurt. The second injury being a broken/cracked ankle. The second time I remember actually getting mad. I mean who cheers for an injury aside from city of Philadelphia? FSU does. Pure class that place is I tell ya. Percy Harvin to me, is the most exciting player to ever wear a Florida Gators uniform.

#4. Tim Tebow, and I know, I know, he is probably a little low on the list, but it is my list. I think that (and I know that this is practically sacrilegious and not going to be popular at all on here or with Gators fans in general) it was/is the "Promise" speech that is the reason why Tebow is this low. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love the guy and think the world of him as a person and as an athlete. But I was so tried of hearing about that speech every two seconds, I found myself leaving the room when they would show it on the TV or were just talking about it. The fact that it is now on a plaque outside the stadium, I think is rather stupid. It was just the same speech that hundreds, if not thousands of athletes in the country and around the world give every year. Aside from that though, I felt 100% confident in Tebow's abilities, leadership and competitive desire to bring the Gators a victory every time they took the field. Except for the 2009 SEC Championship Game against Alabama. That game was over a week before it even started.

#5. Reggie Nelson gets the nod (barely) over Alex Brown. Why Reggie Nelson over Alex Brown? There is a simple answer to that question. The hits. I'll take big time hits over sacks. Any day of the week and twice on Saturday. I think he was flat out robbed of the Jim Thorpe Award in 2006 and I think that aside from Tony George and Lawrence Wright, Reggie Nelson is the best safety the Gators have ever had. Tony George was more of a ball-hawk than Reggie was, and I think that Lawrence Wright could hit with more power, but Reggie was a perfect combination of the two.

Along with Alex Brown just missing the list, I'd say that Lawrence Wright, Jacquez Green, Travis McGriff, and James Bates would round out the rest of a Top 10. Anyway, that is my Top 5, what is your list?