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Florida Baseball Aims For Texas Takedown In Omaha: College World Series Open Thread

Finally, Florida's College World Series experience is getting underway. The No. 2-seeded Gators get Texas starting right about now on ESPN and, and there's little left to do but read some bullet points and get some cold beverages ready.

  • BKGator's Florida-Texas preview is essential reading, if only so you know why the Texas fan base disdains dogpiles.
  • Over at Bourbon Meyer, folks wonder about whether Florida can make good on being one of the 2011 College World Series favorites.
  • The Alligator reported that Brian Johnson and Austin Maddox would be ready for today's game...
  • ...which makes the Florida lineup, which was tweeted by Gatorzone and includes Johnson at designated hitter, a welcome return to life before the NCAA Tournament.

    #Gators' lineup tonight: Fontana SS, Smith CF, Tucker 1B, Zunino C, Johnson DH, Adams 2B, Thompson LF, Pigott RF, 3B Dent, SP Randall
  • Consider this your open thread to revel, exult, complain, or combust. Have at it in the comments. I'll be around.