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Channing Crowder Talks 'Hypothetically' Selling Jerseys On Radio Show

Former Gators linebacker Channing Crowder rarely doesn't make headlines while opening his mouth, so it's no shock that he made them on his own radio show. The South Florida Sun-Sentinel's Omar Kelly listened to the show on South Florida station WQAM-560, and partially transcribed a portion of it in which Crowder copped to "hypothetically" selling game-worn jerseys from his days in Gainesville.

"I know why Tressel got in trouble. He was lying. But Pryor can't sell his own stuff? It's his," Channing Crowder said on his WQAM show.

"I'll say hypothetically I don't have any of my Florida jerseys ... There were some Jacksonville business men who liked my play," Crowder said.

There probably won't be blowback for Florida in the present day. Crowder using "hypothetically" and not mentioning when he sold his jerseys is more than enough to hypothetically keep his nose clean. Besides, Crowder was drafted in 2005; if there aren't statutes of limitations on this, there are surely diminishing returns.

But Crowder mentioning this should be a reminder that even the Gators, with one of the best compliance departments in college sports, wouldn't necessarily be able to stop one player from finding extra benefits on his own.

And if that happens? What can you do, except be mad at both a system that leaves players wondering why the cookie jar isn't theirs and the players who dip into it?