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Chomping At Bits: Tim Tebow's Daily Show Appearance, SEC Eliminates Basketball Divisions

Chomping At Bits really did that daily thing well for those two days there, huh?

Tebow takes on Jon Stewart: Last night, Tim Tebow, everyone's favorite concussion ignorance enthusiast, dropped by The Daily Show to talk about himself, football, and his autobiography, Through My Eyes. And, surprise, he was amusing and witty and all that good stuff.

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Tim Tebow
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Choice quotes, as I transcribed on Twitter late Thursday night:

Tebow on writing his autobiography: "I thought 23 was a good age and good opportunity for me."

Stewart, kidding after Tebow mentions supporting an orphanage in the Phillippines: "Wow. You seem like a real a--hole." Tebow, joking: "I mean, but that's how I try to come across, you know. Most of it's fake, to be honest with you."

Stewart: "When you are a missionary's kid, can you get out of it?" Tebow: "After, like, when FSU would beat Florida, which hasn't happened in a while until this last year, I would beg my parents, 'Please do not make me go to church, I do not want to face all the FSU fans,' and sometimes they would let me out of it.." 

Tebow: "Something fair would be if athletes could get a little more to go to dinner and afford a scooter to drive around campus."

I promise that when better video exists, I'll throw it up.

Tear down these divisions: The SEC's basketball coaches, including Billy Donovan, voted for the elimination of divisions at the SEC meetings in Destin this week. Today, the conference's athletic directors will vote to ratify that change, which seems likely to be approved. We'll have more in the coming days about what this might mean for the Gators.

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