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Florida's Men's Teams Win Capital One Cup, Women Fourth

Oh, look, another trophy Florida gets to show off: The Gators' men's teams won the inaugural Capital One Cup, in part thanks to Florida baseball's national runner-up finish. Take it away, Jeremy.

"On behalf of the university, our student athletes and our fans, we are honored to accept the inaugural Capital One Cup trophy and $200,000 scholarship," said University of Florida Athletics Director Jeremy Foley. "Our goal is to strive for overall athletic success, and we’re extremely proud of our men’s program winning the Capital One Cup and our women’s program placing fourth. Thank you to Capital One and its affiliated companies for their support of intercollegiate athletics."

The Capital One Cup means very, very little — hey, another bauble! — and has scoring rules (scroll down) that reward performance in football, men's basketball, and baseball more than in other sports. Florida finishing second in baseball, for example, scored more than three times as many points as its indoor track and field championship did.

Also, it should be noted that Florida's women's teams weren't exactly slouches in 2010-11, placing fourth in the women's standings. No other school placed fourth or better in both the men's and women's standings, and if those standings were combined, Florida (179 points) would be second only to Stanford's perennially accomplished program (190 points).

But, well, trophies are nice. And it's good to remember that Florida's athletics department just keeps doing the things it needs to do to be nationally competitive in every sport it offers.