UF's Biggest Rival?

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If you couldn't tell by my commenter name, I am an FSU fan (and current student). But at the same time I'm a huge sports fan, especially college football, so I spend time reading sites from all around the country to better educate myself. I've read several posts on this site where some of you have mentioned teams you thought were Florida's biggest rival. So I wanted to create a post (although it may have been done in the past) to see who you guys would rank as UF's top three or four rivals, in order. 

From what I understand as a FSU fan, the UF-Georgia rivalry is similar to the FSU-Miami rivalry. Both teams are in the same conference, so it adds more meaning to the game, while the FSU-UF game involves more hatred but is a non-conference game. However, what I don't understand is why some UF fans claim Miami to be one of the top three rivals. I could totally understand that logic if UF actually played Miami on a regular basis, like Miami wants to do. But when you go five or so years without playing a particular team, I think it's hard to consider that team a rival. I wish the UF-Miami game existed every year. It would set up an in-state round-robin season that determines the true state winner, but I guess the schedule makers at UF have different ideas and that argument can be saved for a different time.

For FSU fans, we tend to "hate" UF the most but Miami is technically the bigger rival. So in a matchup between UF and Miami, we'd probably root for Miami. So I'm wondering: Is that how UF fans feel about Georgia and FSU?

Also, I'm curious if you guys think Miami is the No. 3 rival, or if Tennessee or another SEC team like Alabama is the No. 3 rival. Please share your opinions as well as posting whether or not you wish UF would play Miami more often. Would you want to play them every season and rotate home/away every season? Would you want to play them every other season? Or would you like to keep it how it is now?

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