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50 For 50, Reason No. 49: Will Muschamp Is Coach Boom

We continue 50 For 50 with the No. 49 reason to be excited for Florida football in 2011: Will Muschamp is Coach Boom. Consider the following videos a sprinkling of Coach Boom's intensity.

Here he is going nuts after Auburn stops Florida in the Tigers' upset of the Gators in Gainesville in 2007.

This is probably Muschamp's most famous moment, the "Boom, motherf—ker" he dropped after a third down stop by Auburn against Arkansas. It goes without saying that there's some cussin' here.

My favorite part of that is still "You ain't hurt!" Will Muschamp may be insane, but he's the right kind of insane to be a football coach.

Muschamp gave Texas linebacker Brian Orakpo a flying hip bump while he was coaching under Mack Brown. This is a thing I would not do, largely because I value having my bones intact.

Oh, and then there's Muschamp's introductory press conference, which seemed like the perfectly normal rantings of a madman who happens to be a football coach.

It remains to be seen if Jeremy Foley made the correct choice in hiring Muschamp. But one thing Coach Boom certainly won't lack is intensity.