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Jeremy Foley Compares Will Muschamp To Billy Donovan, Kevin O'Sullivan, Urban Meyer

In the middle of Pat Dooley's Will Muschamp feature story for Athlon Sports, which isn't exactly a revelatory read for anyone who has been following anything about Muschamp since his hiring, Jeremy Foley shows up to throw Muschamp's name in with maybe the three best hires Foley has made at Florida.

"Everybody was expecting him to be the next head coach at Texas, so I don’t think it’s a gamble," says Foley. "I think he’ll fit here. He reminds me a lot of Billy (Donovan), he reminds me a lot of Sully (baseball coach Kevin O’Sullivan), and he reminds me a lot of Urban. Time will tell, and at the end of the day, he has to win some football games."

That's right: Will Muschamp has never coached a game of football in the fall at Florida, and Jeremy Foley is already throwing him in the same sentence as three of his finest personnel decisions. Combine the accomplishments of Donovan (Foley's best hire, bar none), Meyer, and O'Sullivan, and you get four national championships, two perennially dominant programs in revenue sports, and a program on the rise that came within two games of a title this year and will be one of the national favorites next season.

Foley is never not impressive, rational, and judicious, so tempering that hype with the obvious "He has to win" truism is smart. But if Foley thinks he's hit another home run, I'm inclined to believe him: the man knows how to knock it out of the park.