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2011 SEC Media Days Viewing Information

The 2011 SEC Media Days begin later today in Birmingham, Alabama. This year, as discussed already, Will Muschamp, John Brantley, William Green and Deonte Thompson make up the Gators contingent this year.

Aside from the usual questions for head coach Muschamp, the players will probably be asked about the transition from Meyer to Muschamp, the new philosophy of the coaches, what their goals are for the season and so on. Media Days are usually pretty funny (hopefully Deonte is bringing some jokes) and provide an atmosphere of enjoyment for the players who were selected to go.

Anyway, enough of that. After the jump is everything you need to know about how to follow Media Days this year. We've got video links, tv schedules, twitter pages and even a live chat.

(Please note that all times mentioned here are in Eastern Time, even though the SEC website lists everything in Central Time - Make sure to adjust accordingly)

TV viewing: 

Coverage starts at 1:00pm today on ESPNU. Coverage Thursday and Friday starts at 9:30am.

Internet viewing: will be streaming live video at the above times as well.

The SEC Digital Network will also have video of each player and coach. I think that you'll have to click on each link as it becomes available. Maybe.

Blogs (aside from Alligator Army, which is the best place):

Chris Low and Edward Aschoff's SEC Blog over at ESPN.

Pat Dooley -  "Dooley's Desk."

Robbie Andreu -  "Robbie's Playbook."

SB Nation (college football section of the main site) also has reserved a space for Media Days.

Live Chat:

The SEC Digital Network will have a live chat (for all three days) starting at 1:45pm.

Birmingham News' Jon Solomon will be will be chatting at 3:00pm.



I'm sure there will be more people on Twitter than just those, but it is amazingly hard to copy and paste twitter addresses to a story on here. Looking back, I probably should have wrote it in Google Docs and then played the copy and paste game. Oh well, things to remember for next time.

Will Muschamp is scheduled to start things off, so don't be late! Enjoy the show!