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Florida at SEC Media Days Open Thread

Apparently, the SEC website had the order wrong. Muschamp and the rest of the Florida Gators weren't scheduled to go first. But it is alright, you can blame me if you want. I won't hold it against you.

By process of elimination, I'm guessing that Muschamp will take the "stage" at roughly 3:10pm. If they hadn't already shown him in the building, I'd have assumed at this point that he wasn't even there.

So far, Mike Slive has spoken about "paying" athletes, Bobby Petrino has talked about how he designs his offense and the ESPNU studio has given us, well, what ESPN does. Ohio State, Florida State and Michigan players talking about the SEC.

Oh, and Mike Slive doesn't plan to step down or resign anytime soon.

But now the real reason why you are here is about to begin. It is time for Muschamp and the rest of the Florida Gators contingent.