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50 For 50, No. 45: Will Muschamp Wants To Create Chaos

50 For 50 rolls on. There are 45 days until Florida's football opener against Florida Atlantic on September 3.

We'll have a fuller review of Will Muschamp's comments at SEC Media Days on Thursday, but I wanted to pull out one quote that should have any Gators fan excited about the 2011 Florida football season. Why? Will Muschamp wants to create chaos.

I told our players on April 9th, after the spring game, we will be defined over the next four months on how we work.

Because of NCAA rules, as coaches we can't be involved. Our strength staff can. All the reports I hear from our players, we've done an outstanding job of working, of creating some confrontation, creating some chaos to developing leadership and toughness in our unit. We're really coming together well. I'm excited about August 5 when that comes up.

Florida may not have boatloads of depth or experience, but the Gators may be able to make up for that with the quality of their coaching staff, and specifically strength coach Mickey Marotti, renowned as one of the best in college sports.

If Muschamp thinks creating a little chaos in the offseason is key to building a team that can create some on the field during the season, I believe him. And if Muschamp's entrusting that duty to Marotti, I believe that's exactly what happened.