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Ron Zook Has Some Advice For Will Muschamp, Somehow

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I kind of can't believe that someone asked Ron Zook if he had any advice for Will Muschamp as he follows Urban Meyer as Florida football coach, but, hey, it happened on the radio, so:

"The thing is you got be yourself," Zook said on ESPN 1000’s GameNight. "Don’t try to be anybody else.

"It’s one of those jobs all you can do is the best you can do. You can’t get tied up with all the other stuff. Believe me, there’s a lot of noise in the system down as there is at a lot of places. He’ll do fine. There’s a great state base there, and he’s a good football coach. There’s no doubt they’ll do fine."

I haven't heard this interview (and, uh, will not be hunting it down), but I can't imagine Zook thinks he wasn't himself or doing his best at Florida. Why Zook's attempts to do those things involved confronting fraternity members is anyone's guess, I suppose. (And, remember, I appreciate Zook.)

I certainly don't think Muschamp needs to take any advice from Zook. He could learn some lessons from the mistakes, though.