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50 For 50, No. 43: Friday Night Lights Still Works For Florida's Recruiting

42 days 'til kickoff. No. 43 and No. 42 in the list today.

No, Florida didn't land a new commitment at last night's Friday Night Lights camp/extravaganza/glorified practice session. But Friday Night Lights still works for Florida's recruiting.

If you follow any of the many recruiting experts (and, I guess, "recruiting" "experts") on Twitter, you heard about Friday Night Lights yesterday or last night. It's an event, a destination, a part of the recruiting calendar. It's an example of Florida being forward-thinking — thanks, Urban Meyer — and an example of Florida doing the things it does to make the Gators great as well or better than any other school in the nation.

When Stefon Diggs balls out at Friday Night Lights — and, as we'll explain in a comprehensive recap on Sunday, Stefon Diggs balled out ($) — it matters. Analysts take note, coaches take note, and the Gators' recruiters take note.

Diggs may not end up in orange and blue, ultimately, but that someone like Diggs wants to come to The Swamp on a sweltering July night and play a little football should tell you all you need to know about FNL's appeal to prospects. Don't let the lack of a commitment convince you that last night wasn't a success for Florida.