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Gators' Matt Elam Cited For Alcohol Possession (Again)

Florida football had gone a fair while without a run-in with the law, I suppose: Gators safety Matt Elam was cited early Sunday morning for underage alcohol possession, according to the Gainesville Sun.

Gainesville Police spokesperson Tscharna Senn said officers saw Elam at 100 NW First Avenue with a plastic cup that contained a dark liquid. When he saw the officers, they say, he threw the cup down. It was later found to contain Hennessy cognac and Coca-Cola, police said.

It's not the first time Elam, 19, has been cited for underage alcohol possession, but at least Elam's taste has improved. Henny and Coke is a couple rungs up the ladder of Stupid Alcoholic Beverages College-Aged Underage Drinkers Drink from the Four Loko he was cited for holding in a parking lot last August, THOUGH UNDERAGE DRINKING IS BAD AND DON'T DO IT, OKAY?

No word on punishment from Will Muschamp yet, but it's a safe bet that Elam will probably be doing some extra running this week.