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FSU Coach Jimbo Fisher Wants Gators-Seminoles To Meet At Beginning of Season

Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher wants to move the Gators-Seminoles game to the beginning of the season. This news comes courtesy of Mike Bianchi and his blog, Open Mike.

"I love the end-of-the-year game, it’s not that," Fisher said. "It’s just that you’ve got conference championship games now and you’re playing your biggest rival in an emotional game (the week before). … That’s a tough thing for both schools to do."

This isn't the first time this issue has come up. Steve Spurrier once wanted to move the Florida-FSU game because it is the week before the SEC Championship Game. I somewhat agree with that. But the Gators have appeared in 10 SEC Championship Games since league expansion and are 7-3 in those games, all three of the losses coming against Alabama.

It was also clear, watching those games, that playing FSU the week before had nothing to do with losing them.

But seriously, how in the world would it make sense for the two teams to open the season? It doesn't. At all.

Sure, it would bring high ratings ... but it does that anyway. Sure. the games would be sold-out ... but they get sold out anyway. (In Gainesville, at least.) The season-opening exhibition games, as Bianchi calls them, are there for a reason: To tune the Gators up for SEC play.

The second reason for movement Bianchi rolls out is that if the game is played early on in the season it would give the loser plenty of time to regain focus and get back into the national championship hunt. Ummm, did he forget about 1996? The situation (BCS) is different now, and the Gators had the perfect storm of events happen after that loss to the Seminoles, but it has happened before.

This move is purely for the benefit of the Seminoles. That is all there is to it. I have no problem with FSU looking out for FSU's best interest (why shouldn't they?), but this is just a bad idea. FSU should just go back to playing Miami to open the season and be done with this nonsense.