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Florida Gators No. 4 In Rivals' First 2012 Team Recruiting Rankings

The Florida Gators are ranked fourth in the first edition of the 2012 team recruiting rankings. They are behind No. 1 Texas, No. 2 Michigan, and No. 3 Florida State. Of the 15 Florida commitments at this point, Rivals lists 10 as four-stars, four as three-stars, and one as a two-star. (I wouldn't worry about the two-star all that much, as kickers are rarely ever rated any higher.)

Other teams to keep an eye on:

  • LSU - No. 6
  • Auburn - No. 7
  • Alabama - No. 8
  • South Carolina - No. 10
  • Miami - No. 12
  • Tennessee - not in Top 50

The main things to take away from this?

  • Florida State is rolling under Jimbo Fisher. At least from a recruiting standpoint, FSU appears to be back.
  • The Iron Bowl between Auburn and Alabama is going to be awesome to watch. It has been a while since that series was even. I still give the edge to 'Bama when it comes to coaching, though.
  • Steve Spurrier finally seems to have the Gamecocks where everyone thought they'd be four years ago.
  • Miami is Miami.
  • Georgia will rise (as it always does) by the end of the season.
  • Tennessee needs to get their act together. There isn't all much top-tier talent in the state of Tennessee, so they can't afford to make a lot of moves in the last minute.