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Undrafted Florida Gators Agree To Free Agent Contracts

Today is the first day in which NFL teams can begin to talk and agree to terms with players who went undrafted in the NFL Draft. As expected, NFL teams have been very busy. And as a result, so have numerous former Gators.

One of the first to sign was defensive lineman and linebacker Duke Lemmens, who has agreed to a deal with the Arizona Cardinals. I'm not sure of the situation out in Arizona, but I've always thought of Lemmens as a practice squad type of player. Also, Terron Sanders has signed with the Baltimore Ravens which reunites him with his former coach Teryl Austin.

Emmanuel Moody is set to join the Buffalo Bills, Chas Henry will be joining the Philadelphia Eagles and Justin Trattou is on his way to joining the New York Giants. I have my doubts as to whether or not Moody will make it as an NFL back, but I do think that Henry has a pretty decent shot at making a team.

There were some early reports here on SB Nation about safety Will Hill joining the Redskins. However, the Redskins and Hill's people have since said that no agreement is in place at this time. Hopefully things work out for Hill, but as a Redskins fan, I'd rather someone else spend time with him.