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Gators Apparel Roundup: ESPN Selling SEC Apparel, Tim Tebow's Pink Jersey

Don't expect this to become a feature, because I'm about as good with couture as Louis Quatorze was with ... you know what, that joke doesn't need a punchline.

First, ESPN and the SEC are teaming to sell SEC on ESPN-branded apparel, which is so totally not going to get people upset about the SEC's broadcast rights deal with ESPN or prompt charges of favoritism and bias. You can see some of those designs at ESPN MediaZone; the only Florida design appears to be a women's tee with "Chomp" in script, which I might actually consider buying if it wasn't, y'know, a women's tee.


Speaking of women's shirts: I can only imagine the pink monstrosity that is Tim Tebow's "women's fashion jersey" is the sort of thing that men think women will buy because of the presence of the color and the word pink. It's hideous, but you can buy it for $65.