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50 For 50, No. 37: Will Muschamp Is A Funny Quote

We've discussed how it's a good thing that Will Muschamp is more Steve Spurrier than Urban Meyer when it comes to the "You must talk to the media, DEAL WITH IT" part of being the head coach of the Florida Gators. But as a person who will inevitably end up reading a lot of Muschamp's words, I have to say that I'm really happy Will Muschamp is a funny quote.

The latest evidence is his participation in ESPN's Page 2's survey of the SEC's coaches on topics ranging from food to first jobs to fashion.

Muschamp starts off strongly after being asked what the toughest venue in the SEC is.

Will Muschamp, Florida: The Swamp. (Gives the Muschamp stare.)

(Yeah, we should probably have a discussion of the Muschamp stare.)

On must-stop restaurants:

Muschamp: I love eating great food. As far as restaurants are concerned, Mark's in Gainesville is the best steak in town. Everywhere I've been, I've got somewhere I'm gonna go. There's a great boiled peanuts stand in Tift County, Ga., on I-75. Eddie V's in Austin, Texas. Phenomenal. Baton Rouge has several places.

Muschamp having a favorite boiled peanuts stand is about the most Will Muschamp thing yet.

On overused coaching cliches:

Muschamp: "We've got a young team." That's one that gets a little … It's your job to get them ready.

Muschamp's doing himself no favors in regards to expectations for his own young team. And because it wouldn't be hard to downplay Florida's chances this fall with a little honesty, I like that confidence. (Kentucky coach Joker Phillips' answer in this category is "Speed kills," which is exactly what I would expect from the guy coaching Kentucky.)

On the best-dressed coaches in the conference:

Muschamp: (Laughs) I could go a lot of ways with this one. Certainly Derek Dooley is going to claim that he's the best-dressed. Self-proclamation for him. It's certainly not me, I can tell you that. I would obviously give the vote to Derek because he's going to vote for himself. (Told of Dooley's most-improved nod for Nick Saban.) There's no question. [Saban] got rid of the Cosby sweaters he had at LSU. And you can print me on that.

If you're going to insult Nick Saban, "Cosby sweaters" is probably a pretty benign route.

On the strangest thing said to him in a post-game handshake:

Muschamp: Nothing I can repeat. Nothing I can repeat.

Of all Muschamp's answers, this one may be the most exciting. What coach wouldn't want to leave his or her counterpart spitting unprintables by the end of a game?