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50 For 50, No. 35: There Are No Scissor Lifts On Florida's Practice Field

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Gator Country's Thomas Goldkamp tweets this picture of Florida's practice fields (he's joking, folks), and what you see is more important because of what you don't see: there are no scissor lifts on Florida's practice field.

A strange thing to put on a list of reasons to be excited about Florida football in 2011? Not at all. The lack of scissor lifts — the structures some football programs use in filming practices that came under fire after the death of Notre Dame student assistant Declan Sullivan in 2010 — is an indication that Florida is, as usual, on top of what needs to be done to run an elite college football program.

Was there a lot of fanfare about this? No. Was this even absolutely necessary for Florida, a school that prepares for hurricanes and deals with high winds more often than Notre Dame? Probably not. But it's comforting to know that Florida spent a little money on safety.