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50 For 50, No. 35: There Are No Scissor Lifts On Florida's Practice Field


Gator Country's Thomas Goldkamp tweets this picture of Florida's practice fields (he's joking, folks), and what you see is more important because of what you don't see: there are no scissor lifts on Florida's practice field.

A strange thing to put on a list of reasons to be excited about Florida football in 2011? Not at all. The lack of scissor lifts — the structures some football programs use in filming practices that came under fire after the death of Notre Dame student assistant Declan Sullivan in 2010 — is an indication that Florida is, as usual, on top of what needs to be done to run an elite college football program.

Was there a lot of fanfare about this? No. Was this even absolutely necessary for Florida, a school that prepares for hurricanes and deals with high winds more often than Notre Dame? Probably not. But it's comforting to know that Florida spent a little money on safety.