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Recruit Report: Latroy Pittman, WR, North Marion

Name: Latroy Pittman
High School:
North Marion (Citra, FL)
Verbally committed to Florida
Others in Play:

At 6’1", Pittman has good size for a wide receiver. Not great, but good. What he does is play like he’s bigger. That’s the plus from this four-star receiver. Not the only plus, but the big, stare-you-down, scream-at-you plus.

Pittman plays the position like he is a receiver in the Mike Williams (USC Williams, not NFL Williams) mold. Watch his highlights and you see a receiver who essentially does it all: goes deep, isn’t afraid of the middle of the field, will go up to get a ball, and just flat out plays big. BUT…and I feel like I’ve stressed this throughout a number of these reports…the difference between high school and college is astronomical. While Pittman can do it all against high school competition, the real question is if he can replicate it against SEC defenses.

Pittman has a good combination of speed, size, and hands. He isn’t the fastest player on the field, but knows how to get open. He isn’t the biggest receiver you’ll see, but has the ability to play bigger. And he catches most passes that come his way. Hands may be the other strength to point out. Pittman has a magnetic ability to bring in the ball. He likes to go and get it as opposed to always waiting for it to come to him. This makes him an aggressive receiver that will fight on every play. Pittman may not get upset at the quarterback if a pass is slightly off. He may instead get down on himself for not getting to it. This drives him to work harder on the next play and always make himself a better player.

What you might miss from watching Pittman’s highlights is agility. It’s not that he doesn’t have it. It’s that he rarely feels the need to use it. Pittman runs with an end point in mind and once he gets the ball gravitates toward a straight line down the field. Occasionally you will see him make a move on a defender, but more often than not he’s attempting to outrun or get to the end zone in the most direct way possible. It would be nice to see an entire video made of clips of him on short pass plays to see how Pittman works for additional yards. In traffic, he’ll have to use agility to avoid tackles before he can get out into the open.

Pittman remains committed to Florida, but the Gators will have to fight off a charge from Miami. The Hurricanes also have their sights set on the receiver and he has made it known that there is some interest from his end as well. Pittman still says he’s committed to the Gators, but he plans on taking all of his visits and listens to Miami when they call. He’s still weighing his options and could be for quite some time.