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Are Ronald Powell, Dominique Easley, and Sharrif Floyd's Jersey Numbers a Big Three Tribute?

As mentioned while discussing the Florida rosters, the top three defensive line recruits from Florida's 2010 recruiting class are now wearing No. 2 (Dominique Easley), No. 4 (Sharrif Floyd), and No. 7 (Ronald Powell) as they enter their sophomore years. I think that's a reference to the Miami Heat's Big Three, and here's why.

Remember how Easley gave that trio a Big Three comparison before the 2010 season?

"Ronald Powell is Chris Bosh, Sharrif is Dwyane Wade and I'm LeBron [James]," Easley said at UF's media day Tuesday.

Well, now those three players have numbers that are the numbers of Bosh (No. 1), Wade (No. 3), and James (No. 6), plus one.

I'm not sure if the corresponding player comparisons would be the exact right ones — I still think Powell is James, and don't know how I'd assign the other two — but that's really not the point. And, uh, I'm not sure if there is a point here, even if this is a homage: Does it matter if these three think they're a Big Three? Does it matter if Will Muschamp's cool with them thinking that? Could the numbers just as easily be some 24/7 reference?

I just think this might be why Easley, Floyd, and Powell have those numbers now, and though this is just a theory, though I'll be reaching out to some Gators on Twitter to ask about it. And if they are styling themselves a Big Three, here's hoping they can be as spectacular as the Miami version can be — but with success in the pursuit of championships, too.

Am I right or wrong on this? Vote in the poll and discuss in the comments.