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The Florida Gators Are Most Popular Team In The State Of Florida

According to a poll done by North Carolina based Public Policy Polling that is. Aside from the usual political issues the company asked, it also asked all of the 848 voters who their favorite college team in the State of Florida was. To end the suspense (as if the title didn't give it away already) the Gators finished first and the Seminoles of Florida State ended up in second. But it might surprise you to find out that Miami didn't come in third, that title belongs to UCF.

Poll results are as follows (margin of error 3.4%):

Florida Gators - 30%
Florida State Seminoles - 19%
Central Florida Knights - 11%
Miami Hurricanes - 9%
South Florida Bulls - 6%
Florida Atlantic Owls - 5%
Florida International Golden Panthers - 1%
Not sure - 18%

What does all this mean? In my opinion, not very much. The Gators have the larger university and as a result, more alumni, more bandwagon fans (which isn't a bad thing because of the money they spend) due to recent success among other things. But hey, it is always kind of fun to see these types of things if only for the discussion they bring.