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50 For 50, No. 33: You Can Follow Alligator Army On Twitter And Facebook For News And Prizes!

There are 33 days until Florida's football opener against Florida Atlantic on September 3. Check out Alligator Army's 50 For 50 series for more of our 50 reasons to be excited for Florida football in 2011.

You can follow Alligator Army on Twitter and Facebook for news and prizes! (We're cheating here for this 50 For 50 entry, but only a little.)

If you love the Gators content and community here at Alligator Army, and can't get enough — and I know all of you do, don't lie — what should you do? Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook.

@AlligatorArmy is manned by me, and it's around and available as long as I'm around; I try to mix facts, opinion, discussion, jabs at Florida State, and up-to-the-second news there, so it's essentially an abbreviated version of Alligator Army. Our Facebook page is also me, at least for now, but I'm less sure of how we're going to use it: I know you'll be able to find some things that weren't quite big enough for posts there, and I know there will be discussions of things going on in Gator Nation, but I'm looking to this smart, gorgeous, ingenuity-saturated community to give me ideas.

Either way, you will be enriching your Florida Gators experience by letting us into your social media lives. We're not going to play Mafia Wars with you, but we will talk about James Bates if you want.

Oh, yeah, and we're going to have contests this fall. I'm not sure what, exactly, those will be, but I do know that you're going to need to follow us at both of those sites to be eligible to win. So feel free to get a head start by heading, again, to Twitter and Facebook.