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Florida Gators Place Three In Updated Top 100 From 247 Sports

The popular recruiting website 247 Sports released their updated Top 100 today. The Florida Gators, as you have correctly guessed from the title, currently have three members on the list.

  • No. 14 - DJ Humphries
  • No. 57 - Jessamen Dunker
  • No. 85 - Mike Davis

The Gators are very much in the running for some more players who are in the Top 100. Including a couple of them who are either in or are very close to entering the Top 10. The Gators currently are ranked in the Top 5 as a team thus far in the recruiting cycle and it appears that Muschamp and company aren't going to take their foot off of the gas pedal yet.

Just remember though, it is early. Anything can happen. We've still got a season to play and that influences a lot of kids.

For those interested, Florida State placed four in the Top 100. Other teams of note are Alabama with six players, Georgia with three, South Carolina and Miami each with two.