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Could Texas A&M To The SEC Be The First Domino Of The 16-Team Superconference Era?

Texas A&M's time in the Big 12 is increasingly looking like it's nearing an end. But whether a potential defection to the SEC is an isolated incident that matters only to the Aggies or the last straw for the current conference system remains to be seen. For its part, Team Speed Kills thinks we're at the beginning of the end:

In other words, it's hard to see a scenario where every conference stops at 14 teams or less, simply because the team the SEC poaches for the 14th probably causes a league to fall apart and attract other conference commissioners like vultures.

In other words, Texas A&M joining the SEC unleashes the college conference equivalent of 52-card pickup. There will be a mad, three-week scramble to try to decide where every program in the country ends up by the time the 2012 or 2013 season begins. It might last through the season and into the next offseason.

So if the deal happens, and I think it will, get ready. The tidal wave of conference realignment is coming. It might be fun, it might be dangerous and illogical, but it will certainly not be boring.

Your thoughts on whether this is a good thing, and how it affects our Florida Gators? And assuming the SEC's picking up Texas A&M, who are your teams should the league expand to 14 or 16 schools?