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Florida Gators: All Quiet On The Practice Front

Due to all the positive e-mails (all 19 of them!) I got for the last title, I shall continue to do so until I either get bored, or end up taking it too far. With the latter option most likely.

Now that I think about it, I take it back. It is a horrible idea to close fall practice to the public. Spring practice or bowl game practice, sure; it's not like those really matter. Okay, well, spring practice matters, but usually all that comes out of it are injuries. And when it comes to bowl game practice, it depends on the bowl game.

But these past couple weeks have been pretty boring. Aside from the fact that I've actually been busy (those who know me know that it is extremely rare for me to be busy), there just hasn't been that much news when it comes to Gators football. If practices were open to the public, we'd have much more video and varying opinions as to how the team looks. It would have made for a much better August.

I'd like to make a motion that all future football practices that take place in the fall shall be open to the public. All we have to go by now are everyone's leftover quotes that they happened to get from Muschamp as he was running from the practice field to his office.

We get no video, no instant information or anything like that. All we get are the post-practice politically correct answers that every coach and player always say. Which is to say they are sort of like halftime interviews of players and coaches. You know what I mean: The coach of the team who is ahead at the half always says a variant of "Well, we've got to do a better job controlling the field position battle and get a little more in-sync overall, but so far we're doing what we wanted to do." And the coach of the team that is losing at the half always responds with the tired and true "We've got to get better defensively, we can't allow them to get open so often or let them run over us at the line of scrimmage."

I guess it could be worse. At least Moses Jenkins is healthy again and I'm hoping that is a good thing.