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Should The Florida Gators Or Aubrey Hill Worry About The Nevin Shapiro Allegations?

You've all probably read the story by now. It doesn't look good for the Miami Hurricanes. But it what appears to be a wider story than originally thought, the Florida Gators are now going to be involved. Although I'm positive that the Gators aren't in any trouble what-so-ever, the issue involving the Florida Gators revolves around wide receivers coach Aubrey Hill.

It is alleged that in 2008, Aubrey Hill and his recruiting coordinator went with some recruits to the house of Miami Hurricane booster Nevin Shapiro. One of those players was Andre Debose

On a Friday night in 2008, Hill and recruiting coordinator Clint Hurtt were on hand when three recruits – Andre Debose, Ray-Ray Armstrong and Dyron Dye – were brought to Shapiro’s $6 million Miami Beach mansion for the purposes of the booster recruiting the players. Hill was on hand while Shapiro toured the players through his home and made a pitch to lure their commitment to Miami. Shapiro said the visit – which also included the booster taking the players out in his $200,000 Mercedes S65 – was arranged by Hurtt.

There are a few NCAA violations in that paragraph. I can't decide which is worse. The fact that Hill took players to a boosters house or let them ride in his $200,000 Mercedes. I just hope he isn't doing the same type of things anymore.

In Shapiro's words:

Aubrey Hill came to my house – he was the receivers coach – he came to my house with Clint Hurtt. They were recruiting three players from Sanford, [Fla.] Seminole County. I think in Orlando. [The players were] Andre Debose, Dyron Dye and Ray-Ray Armstrong. I walked those kids through my closet, and there was a very specific recruiting pitch that I gave after showing these kids the UM jerseys I had, which was about 50 of them. He was part of that, and that was my encounter with Aubrey Hill."

At this point in time, the University of Florida hasn't made Aubrey Hill available for comment. While the allegations look far worse for Miami, it appears that Aubrey Hill will have to at least answer some questions.

Also included in the report is Matt Patchan:

As far as Patchan (now a redshirt junior) is concerned, he allegedly joined “multiple members” of his family at Shapiro’s mansion for a meal. “Shapiro said the recruiting visit at his home was attended by the two Miami coaches, Patchan, Patchan’s mother, Patchan’s father and Patchan’s uncle.”

Again, I want to stress that at present, the Florida Gators football team is in good standing with the NCAA. But if Aubrey Hill, Debose or Patchan are called upon to answer questions by the NCAA, then the Gators will have to become involved. Obviously for Hill, the worst case scenario is a "show-cause" penalty in which he wouldn't be allowed to coach for a set period of time. I highly doubt it will come down to that, but I fully expect NCAA investigators to come to Gainesville and talk to him.

UPDATE: 9:58 PM -

The University of Florida has released a statement:

“While we declined comment for Yahoo’s request, Coach Hill indicated he was very comfortable with, and very confident in how he conducted himself while at the University of Miami.”