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Florida Gators Basketball To Begin 2011-12 SEC Play Against Tennessee, Finish With Kentucky

The Florida Gators men's basketball team released their schedule yesterday. Well, I guess you could say that the SEC did. Either way, thanks to the SEC's partnership with ESPN, the Gators will be on national television a lot. Whether or not ESPNU is considered a national channel is up to you, but the Gators will play (including out-of-conference games) 11 games on national television this year, and 12 if you count ESPNU.

And the first game against Tennessee is the beginning of SEC play for the entire league. So while that game doesn't appear to have a carrier at the moment, since it is the first game of the season for the league, I'm guessing it will shortly.

The Gators will play against Vanderbilt and Kentucky on CBS. The Kentucky match-up is the last league game of the season. It is in Gainesville, which is, of course, how it is supposed to be.

The SEC Network will show games against Mississippi State, Tennessee and Georgia. ESPN, ESPN2 or ESPNU will show the remaining games, including those against Arizona, Syracuse and Rutgers. 

Full league schedule after the jump:

2011 Florida Men's Basketball SEC Schedule

  • January 7: Tennessee, away (TV TBD)
  • January 10: Georgia, home (ESPN)
  • January 14: South Carolina, away (CSS)
  • January 21: LSU, home (FSN)
  • January 28: Mississippi State, home (SEC Network)
  • February 2: South Carolina, home (ESPN/ESPN2)
  • February 4: Vanderbilt, home (CBS)
  • February 7: Kentucky, away (ESPN)
  • February 11: Tennessee, home (SEC Network)
  • February 14: Alabama, away (ESPN)
  • February 18: Arkansas, away (ESPN/ESPN2)
  • February 21: Auburn, home (ESPNU)
  • February 25: Georgia, away (SEC Network)
  • February 28: Vanderbilt, away (ESPN)
  • March 4: Kentucky, home (CBS)