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Chomping At Bits: Florida's Fall Practice Observations, Following The Tim Tebow Saga

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Breaking down the second week of Florida's fall practice: Gator Country's Thomas Goldkamp had the must-read pieces of the weekend, breaking down Florida's offense and defense, position by position, after the second week of fall practice. (Thomas Goldkamp, Gator Country: Offense | Defense)

We'll have more on those notes later.

Tim Tebow slipping in Denver: "Just a month ago, it appeared Denver was going to give Tebow (who played in the final three games of last season) an opportunity to start, but a trade of Orton to Miami fell through. So has Tebow’s opportunity. If this pecking order holds, it would be a stunning admission by the team that it simply doesn’t believe in Tebow." (Bill Williamson, ESPN AFC West Blog)

Is "the Tebow thing" tired? Lance Davis of F Yeah Florida Gators thinks so: "My point is that this Tebow "story" is way past its day. Well, not so much the fact that he’s moving back a spot in the depth chart, but the extent to which the move is being covered." (Lance Davis, F Yeah Florida Gators)

We'll have more on Tebow, too.

Will Muschamp's advantage over Steve Spurrier: "Muschamp probably could care less about this little factoid either, but an interesting side note to Florida's AP ranking is that Muschamp will have a Gators team ranked in his first game as Florida's coach, something Steve Spurrier did not." (Scott Carter, GatorZone)

After the jump, the video of the day.

As if Florida fans needed more reasons to hate Mississippi State.

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