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Chomping At Bits: Rowdy Reptiles Points System Debuts, 'Muschamp Stare' Goes Viral

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New Rowdy Reptile system debuts: I'm really excited about the new Rowdy Reptile points system. It's a rewards system for students, sure, and it's going to cost the UAA some money, but it's also a cool value-add, and the sort of thing that might help raise a new generation of Gators fans who love more than just Florida football. (GatorZone)

More on this later.

"Muschamp Stare" gets ESPN shine: UF social media coordinator Bruce Floyd's brilliant whim begat Muschamp Stare, the newest Florida meme to get a little national shine. For the record: We supported early. (Dave Wilson, ESPN Page 2 | Muschamp Stare)

Did the Broncos squander a golden chance with Tim Tebow? Dan Shanoff writes "The team's milquetoast approach is doing themselves -- not to mention Tebow or Broncos fans -- no favors." (Tim Teblog)

Charles Robinson's quest for truth: I could do without some of the lionizing of Robinson (by both Robinson and reporter) in this piece, but it's still a great blow-by-blow of how Robinson connected Nevin Shapiro's dots and compiled a towering piece of journalism. (Glenn Garvin, Miami Herald)

After the jump, the video of the day.

"We Are The Boys" from the 'Cock Block game. Always stirring.

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