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2011 BlogPoll: Alligator Army Preseason Ballot

The first BlogPoll of the 2011 season will be released at in a matter of hours, but let me run through my preseason ballot in the most expedient fashion possible. 

  • Alabama's on top because I think Alabama beats every other team more often than not if they played on a neutral field today. Yes, despite not really having a quarterback right this second.
  • Stanford is second both because I don't trust Oklahoma's defense without Travis Lewis and because the Cardinal return a lot of the team that may have been the nation's best at the end of 2010. Stanford's problem: Those players are already more or less at their peak, while teams behind them could rise.
  • Florida State, Wisconsin, Nebraska, and South Carolina are all really good teams with quarterback questions. But half of the teams in my poll are good teams with quarterback questions.
  • I regret ranking LSU even that high. Without Jordan Jefferson and Russell Shepard, the Tigers will be rather hamstrung on offense.
  • Boise State and TCU get bunched together partly because I don't know how good they will be and neither do you stop kidding yourself okay?
  • Consider me a Notre Dame believer.
  • Yeah, this USC team could beat a lot of teams on paper. So could Ohio State. I imagine neither team finishes in the top 15 of my final poll.
  • After about No. 15, really, I decided I hate all of these teams and have no idea how good they are. But I do think Florida would beat UCF and lose to Michigan, so that helped.
  • I completely blanked on Oklahoma State. It happens. Sorry, Pokes: You should be about No. 10.

What else did I get wrong? Let me know in the comments.