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Chomping At Bits: Florida Soccer Holds 2011-12's First Practice, Teddy Dupay Has A Blog

Chomping At Bits: Where everyone knows your name.

Florida soccer kicks off year The official first practice of the 2011-12 Florida athletic year was held by the Gators soccer team Wednesday. Coach Becky Burleigh's charges have won five consecutive SEC titles, and will play their first game on August 19 at Miami.

Teddy Dupay has a blog: Here it is. I can only imagine that Dupay's newly optimistic outlook on life is going to make for intriguing reading.

Florida's fall of '69: Orlando Sentinel columnist George Diaz uses a gathering of Gators legends — John Reaves and Carlos Alvarez, among others — to argue that Florida fans will find it easier to look back than look forward, writing, among other shots at Urban Meyer, "Many fans consider them the third-best team in the state, behind Florida State and UCF." It's an exercise in hedging your bets with nostalgia-tinged pessimism, and it will make you mad: That's the point.

The Tebow thing: Yes, we will be writing words about Tim Tebow today. Possibly thousands. Get ready.

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