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50 For 50, No. 30: Jon Halapio Has Mastered The Art Of Saying Nothing

There are 27 days until Florida's football opener against Florida Atlantic on September 3. Check out Alligator Army's 50 For 50 series for more of our 50 reasons to be excited for Florida football in 2011.

Jon Halapio has mastered the art of saying nothing. I know this because these are the quotes he gave at Florida's Media Day on Friday.

What are you looking forward to coming into the season?
Coming into the season the number one thing is to win games.

What’s the hardest thing to overcome in camp?
Just staying healthy. We need everybody to stay healthy on the offensive and defensive lines. We just want to be healthy on both sides.

Do you feel confident in this football team?
I feel very confident in this football team.

Those are so anodyne and bloodless that I kind of think Halapio is the love child of Urban Meyer and HAL 9000, which makes him the perfect spokesman for a football team not trying to give away any details. At least Halapio's a bit more interesting on Twitter.