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Alligator Army Roundtable, Part Four: Which Freshman Gator Excites You The Most?

Once again, the Florida Gators brought in quite a recruiting class. There are many talented players donning a Gators uniform for the first time this year. But that's one of the great things about being a Gators fan: this seems to happen every year.

With that in mind, we, as individuals, almost always seem to have a favorite young player. We always seem to want a player to wear orange and blue so much, we follow his every recruiting move. That player usually ends up being the youngster you are most excited about seeing on the field.

That being said, I hope you enjoy installment number four.

Question No. 4: Which incoming freshman are you most excited about?

skigator93: Marcus Roberson. I am hoping that he will be the next great DB for the Gators. I like that he has the height to prevent taller receivers from catching balls over him. I'm hoping that he plays early and often so that he can develop into a top talent by junior year like Jenkins and Haden did.

swampchomp7: To be honest, I’m going to pass on this question. This summer, I was studying for the bar exam, so I didn’t pay much attention to recruiting/young player development.

BKGator: Marcus Roberson. From all accounts, he looks primed to take the spot vacated by Janoris Jenkins and Joe Haden before them. If Jenkins hadn't been a moron, those are two first rounders. Pretty high praise for a true freshman.

Andy Hutchins: I'm excited to see Jacoby Brissett play basketball. Does that count?

Hook85:Sadly, I am most excited to see Jeff Driskel. I say sadly because that would mean Brantley couldn’t cut it as the starter…again.

FlaGators: I'm a defensive guy. I wasn't always this way, but, apparently, people do in fact change as they get older. With that being said, the player I'm most excited to see this fall is any defensive back. Yes, I guess you could say I'm cheating here. But I just can't pick one. Marcus Roberson, Loucheiz Purifoy, Valdez Showers, and "Pot" ... errr, "Pop" Saunders are all exciting to me. I guess if I had a gun to my head I'd say Saunders, because he was the first one we heard about.