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Florida Gators Move Up To No. 16 In AP Poll and No. 17 In Coaches Poll

The Florida Gators moved up two spots in the AP Poll and one spot in the USA Today/Coaches Poll, which were both released on Sunday. The Gators are now the fifth highest ranked SEC team in both polls due to the loss by Mississippi State on Saturday.

The Gators, next play Tennessee who remain in the "others receiving votes" category. Tennessee however, have gained votes every week this season and are now solidly in that category.

For those interested:

  • Alabama is No. 2 in both polls.
  • LSU is No. 3 in both polls. 
  • South Carolina is No. 11 in both polls.
  • Arkansas is No. 13 in the USA Today/Coaches poll and No. 14 in the AP.
  • Auburn is No. 19 in the USA Today/Coaches poll and No. 21 in the AP.
  • Mississippi State is No. 25 in both polls.

In some other news, Oklahoma is No. 1 for a record 100th time. They are the first  team to be ranked No. 1 that many times by the AP Poll.  And this Saturday, they play at Florida State. Florida State just happens to be ranked No. 5 in both polls.

On a personal/side note, I can't wait for the release of the Harris Poll. Because when that happens, we can stop talking about the AP Poll and focus on the two polls (and the BCS) that actually matter.