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Chomping At Bits: Dan Wenger Winning Gators' Scrap Iron Awards, Florida Men's Tennis In Action

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Dan Wenger collecting Scrap Iron Awards: And the Notre Dame transfer is giving the Gators' line some much-needed depth. (Scott Carter, GatorZone)

Florida men's tennis in action: If you want to check out the Gators in Gainesville this fall, the Gator Invitational, which begins today, is your only chance. (GatorZone)

Chuck Klosterman on college football offenses: It's his best work for Grantland, but if you like this, you should probably be reading Smart Football. (Chuck Klosterman, Grantland)

On Dominique Easley's dancing: "He is a firm believer in playing with what he calls swag ... that little dancing, that little energy, that’s his way of playing," says Jonotthan Harrison. "He’s just a real lively person." (Scott Carter, GatorZone)

Questionable Florida apparel choices: "Gators rock the jean shorts"? I guess it could work for women like the model here. (Some Online Store)

Remember when Casey Clausen led the Tennessee band in "Rocky Top" at The Swamp in 2003? Here's the Internet's only proof it happened, other than a general smoldering hate for Casey Clausen. This must never happen again. (Sports Illustrated)

After the jump, the video of the day.

This was called as a personal foul on Dallas Baker. By a referee who was standing five feet away. Never forget.

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