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Chomping At Bits: Florida's Offense Still Mysterious, Gators' Season Could Tailspin With Tennessee Loss

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The mysterious Gators offense: No one knows exactly what Charlie Weis is doing, and he probably likes it that way. (Scott Carter, GatorZone)

What if Florida falls to Tennesssee? Are the Gators likely to end up 3-5 at the end of October if they lose to the Vols today? (Jason Lieser, Palm Beach Post)

Expect literal smoke at The Swamp: Wildfires to the north and northeasterly winds may make for a hazy day. (Karen Voyles, Gainesville Sun)

Red zone worries: Though the Gators are converting more in the red zone than they did in 2010, the offense hasn't been punching the ball in for six. (Rachel George, Swamp Things)

Tebow to be featured on Sunday's Outside the Lines: And the program will examine whether Tebow's religious and political beliefs make him a polarizing figure. (Only Gators)

After the jump, the video of the day.

I wish this video had Verne Lundquist's tremendous "Why, oh why, would you kick it to Brandon James!?" call, but what can you do?

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