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Theater of Operations, Florida Vs. Tennessee: Reviewing The Chris Rainey Show

How does 233 total yards of total offense sound? In more ways than one, the Florida Gators game against the Tennessee Volunteers was the Chris Rainey show. Chris Rainey who caught the longest passing touchdown since Danny Wuerffel to Jacquez Green in 1996, delivered a Hesiman-esque performance.

Rainey, who caught and ran for over 100 yards in each category (the first to do so since Percy Harvin in 2007), also blocked a punt. Yes, you read that correctly. He blocked a punt as well. His fifth since joining the Gators in 2007.

In no particular order...Well, I guess by order of appearance during the game:

Play No. 1: Chris Rainey's blocked punt:


(Photo courtesy of GatorVision)

What is great about this block is that Rainey, was the second Florida player to attack the same area. The first player gets blocked out of the play.


(Photo courtesy of GatorVision)

At this point, Rainey has beaten the blocker assigned to him and there is nothing Tennessee can do now except to hope Rainey somehow misses the ball.


(Photo courtesy of GatorVision)

But Rainey doesn't miss the ball. After a bit of a scrum, the Gators recover on the fifteen yard-line.

Play No. 2: Chris Rainey's eighty-three yard touchdown reception:


(Photo courtesy of GatorVision)

The development of this play has Charlie Weis written all over it. A very quick and subtle play-action fake, followed by an underneath pass to the running back.


(Photo courtesy of GatorVision)

What is notable here is that there are three Tennessee defenders who aren't in coverage. Well, the bottom-most defender is in coverage, but he is playing soft. The top two, are in the worst position possible. Brantley, because of the location of his shoulders and where his eyes are looking, has them both frozen. On the wrong side of the field.


(Photo courtesy of GatorVision)

Just after catching it and turning up field, I'm sure Rainey's eyes lit up. There isn't a defender he has to worry about for fifty yards.


(Photo courtesy of GatorVision)

Gerald Christian comes up with an excellent down-field block to help Rainey continue going untouched into the endzone.


(Photo courtesy of GatorVision)

Rainey then uses his speed to outrun the rest of the Tennessee defense.


(Photo courtesy of GatorVision)

Just an absolutely wonderful day for Chris Rainey and the rest of the Gators. Well, not really Marcus Roberson, but we'll leave that discussion, and the rest of the defense, for Monday morning. Rainey did appear to hurt his shoulder on one play, but after sitting out a few plays, came back and rocked the house. So while he is probably a bit sore, he should be just fine.