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Chomping At Bits: Caleb Sturgis Still Perfect, Trash Talk Posters

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Caleb Sturgis for Groza: The Gators' kicker hasn't missed in 2011. (Scott Carter, GatorZone)

Trash talk, for Florida DBs: Matt Elam says coaches put up posters with supposed trash talk from Tennessee players for the secondary to see. (Thomas Goldkamp, Gator Country)

It could have been uglier: In his typically modest style, Trey Burton affirms that Florida could have won by more if it had scored more early. (@osgators)

Tennessee's perspective: It has a tinge of "Wait 'til next year," of course. (Will Shelton, Rocky Top Talk)

After the jump, the video of the day.

In case you forgot, the Florida fan base is definitely cool enough to make a game day video soundtracked by a Gang Starr song. There's some cussin', but it's mostly quiet.

Also: I'm "I need to sleep for like 14 hours" sick right now, which explains why this is late and also why it's pretty unlikely I'll be posting for the rest of the day.

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