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Florida Gators No. 15 in Both AP And Coaches Polls After Victory Over Tennessee

The Florida Gators rose up in both polls on Sunday after their victory over the Tennessee Volunteers. The Gators (3-0), rose one spot in the Associated Press Top 25 and jumped up three spots in the USA Today/Coaches Top 25. It is noteworthy that the Gators are solidly in the 15th position in both polls. They are more than 100 points ahead of the 16th ranked team, or 100 points behind the 15th ranked team.

The Gators play travel unranked Kentucky next Saturday in a game that should help the Gators get ready for their October schedule. Kentucky by the way, lost to Louisville on Saturday by a touchdown.

As always, for those interested:

  • LSU is No. 2 (AP) and No. 3 (Coaches)
  • Alabama is No. 3 (AP) and No. 2 (Coaches)
  • Florida State is No. 11 (AP) and No. 14 (Coaches)
  • South Carolina is No. 12 (AP) and No. 10 (Coaches)
  • Arkansas is No. 14 (AP) and No. 12 (Coaches)

It was sort of a down week for the SEC poll-wise as Auburn and Mississippi State both lost. And as a result, they both dropped out of the rankings. The SEC now has only five teams ranked, but all five teams are in the Top 15. So it is what it is.