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Poll: Would You Trade a Florida Football Win Over Kentucky For Basketball Wins?

I got into a discussion with a Kentucky fan on Twitter last night — but not about football, or that game that occurs in a mere three days. It was about basketball, in the wake of Kentucky securing the commitment of Class of 2012 prospect Archie Goodwin, and that should surprise no one: Kentucky fans care about basketball in a way that Florida fans can't quite appreciate, except perhaps by comparing it to our own football fanaticism.

Of course, there's also the idea that Kentucky fans worrying about a football rivalry with Florida is sort of useless, given that Florida holds a 24-game winning in the series. The Gators haven't lost to Kentucky since 1986; to put that in perspective, my parents hadn't even gotten married yet, and their move to Florida and my birth were still just sort of ideas.

It's hard to get worked up for Kentucky on the gridiron, I think, because we've never really had to worry about the outcome of the game. (Is the most memorable Florida-Kentucky moment of the last 10 years Tim Tebow's concussion? It is, isn't it?) So I pose this question to you: Would you trade a football win over Kentucky for a clean sweep of Big Blue's Wildcats on the hardwood?