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Florida Vs. Florida Atlantic, Rapid Recap: Notes On Gators' 41-3 Win

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Florida topped Florida Atlantic, 41-3, on Saturday night. We'll look back at the game in at least two parts: The Rapid Recap, which empties the notebook compiled during the game in chronological order, and the Review, which will break down the result in greater detail.

Chris Rainey was at midfield for the coin toss, but not announced as a captain. Some return to good graces from the "Time to die" tumult of 2010.

John Brantley seemed to only throw downfield when necessary. That worked out, considering how deadly swing passes to Rainey and Jeff Demps were against FAU.

Marcus Roberson assisted on the first Florida defensive tackle of the 2011 season with a smart dive to undercut an Owl.

Brantley's first completion to Jordan Reed — a catch Reed made while airborne and held onto after a thud — got the adjective "sick" in my notes.

Reed appears to have the early stages of Carl Moore Disease, an affliction that causes those it strikes to make even the most routine catches adventures in getting airborne.

Rainey's incredible spin move to get free for a second quarter touchdown prompted "Where the hell was this Rainey for three years?" (Upon seeing it for the first time this morning, Spencer IMed me "SPIN MOVE HOLY S--T." Sounds about right.)

73 minutes into the 2011 season, Jeff Driskel was on the field, with his redshirt reduced to cinders and the Tebow comparisons now inevitable. Driskel then scrambled twice and made an awful throw on his first pass, overthrowing his receiver by more than 10 yards for his first interception as a Gator.

Omar Hunter had a cast on one hand. Hunter also played sparingly as a second-teamer behind defensive tackles Dominique Easley and Jaye Howard.

LMFAO's "Party Rock Anthem" was the intro to the second half. Florida's kick coverage team, in true Techno Tuesday form, rocked to it, jumping around. Receiver Stephen Alli's dancing was particularly inspired.

Solomon Patton got to and blocked a punt that was delayed by a worm-burner snap, and Rainey took it in for a touchdown. That's the sort of special teams explosiveness that helped make Florida great under Urban Meyer.

Florida's pass rush and run defense were excellent all night. While pressure didn't amount to a ton of sacks, FAU quarterback Graham Wilbert was forced to make decisions much faster than he would have liked.

Jelani Jenkins, solid all night, had one great series midway through the third quarter.

For some reason, Rainey got the note "Trindon Holliday but quicker" in the third quarter. I guess because he hides behind blockers and explodes? I hadn't eaten for about five hours at that point.

Crowd sightings: One guy with crutches, one older guy in jorts and Gators-colored Crocs.

I haven't seen the second Brantley interception again, but I don't know if that was really on Brantley forcing a throw into triple coverage or on Weis designing a play that involved throwing to the middle of the end zone.

Cody Riggs had a subpar night, with two pass interference penalties.

Deonte Thompson was popped, and probably concussed, but I don't think the hit that he took was illegal. Not too much a defender can do with a player falling.

Michael Taylor made one great stop coming around end late in the game.

Patton, in as a receiver late, had a catch-false start-catch sequence.

Mike Gillislee only cameoed, as usual, but showed his typical burst between the tackles. He's not big, but he may be Florida's best inside runner.

Andre Debose, who factored into the game only at the end after an early drop, got called "DEW-bose" by the stadium PA, despite making the night's best catch while being interfered with.