Florida's Offense, John Brantley, And Will Gators Opponents Cover The Flats?

Edited, fronted. — Andy

Most of you watched Florida's Saturday night's game against FAU and were more than psyched with Will Muschamp's coaching debut. I personally loved it. He showed so much emotion and handled everything extremely well.

But will this offensive success last when our opponents cover the flat?

John Brantley looked sharp most of the game. He threw a couple of interceptions, but one was a tipped pass. His other pass was thrown into triple coverage. No bueno, bro; that won't help us beat Alabama. We need to protect the football.

Brantley's main success game from a dual-back set in the backfield. Both halfbacks ran out into the flat on pass plays. It seemed like FAU held their DBs back 10 yards where our smaller, faster HBs could juke them, gain plenty of yards, and keep the sticks moving. (C'MON, SCHNELLENBERGER!)

This worked out great for us last night. But what happens when an opponent plays Cover 2, deploying DBs to cover the flat, and Brantley loses both of those outlets? Will he be able to make the deep throws that will keep the chains moving? I honestly don't know.

I want to hear your thoughts on this. I am also aware that Brantley made a few good throws on third and long, and found Jordan Reed a number of times. Also, in fairness to Brantley, if the flat is completely open, why wouldn't you throw to it?

Discuss, y'all.

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